SANOP'S Interventions in Eswatini.


SANOP’s programming is tailor made to best suit the needs of the Primary Actors we work with and the programing in Eswatini is no different. The Eswatini Chapter under the Robert Carr Fund has made some notable and commendable interventions towards delivering the vision of SANOP through its programming. Our efforts in Eswatini span out to addressing problems leading to conflict with the law thus we have conducted and will continue to conduct Crime Sensitization sessions in the prisons and various communities.  The aim of these community engagements is get more information on the environmental and socio- economic factors that contribute to why young people who are between the ages of 16-24 are in conflict with the law and also find solutions to reduce high crime rates amongst the mentioned age group. Our mandate is to offer access to information, so we have and will continue to educate the youth on various pathways to criminality as well as the personal, familial, and social consequences of engaging in criminal behavior which leads to incarceration.


Sakhile Tsabedze-Dlamini (Social Accountability and Youth Engagement Advisor) handing out Dignity Packs.


Personal hygiene of inmates is a priority to our work and to this effect we have made and will continue making frequent donations to inmates in the form of our famous Dignity Packs. These donations show our continued support to our partners in terms of sanitation, hygiene and health related issues.


As an organization we value capacity building and it’s a fundamental aspect in our programming to reaching Sustainable Development Goals for the communities we serve. We have helped in forming Ex-inmates Associations and we have capacitated these groups in various areas debuting from Proposal writing, Resource mobilization, Strategic planning and Financial management. All these interventions are aimed at supporting successful rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders back into the community and curb recidivism. 


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