Promoting the Wellbeing of Young People In & Out of Prison


The reintegration of offenders back into the community is an integral part of the rehabilitation process and it needs a strong support system. Association groups, family and the community play this role at grassroots level and if this support system fails then there is a high possibility of recidivism.  Zambia SANOP Chapter is working tirelessly with communities of ex-inmates in various provinces to improve livelihoods and build a strong support system for them. The Chapter with support from the Robert Carr Fund is supporting young in and out of prison by promoting Human rights, Health and wellbeing.


Young People are also taking charge, we have a 23-year-old young entrepreneur, Eston Mpundu who is member of Tiyavike Youth Development Club in Petauke District, Zambia and this youth club also comprises of ex-inmates. To him recidivism comes as a result of lack of support systems for ex-inmates thus he has donated part of his land to the youth club in order to assist young people who are ex-inmates integrate back into society as well as find a dependable source of income. These community volunteers make an important contribution towards the success of VSO/SANOP initiatives of building the resilience of inmates and ex-inmates.

We also have Keegan Chama  who is an ex-inmate and a member of the Samfya Self Help Club in Samfya, Luapula Province, Zambia. Keegan is the secretary for the Club and also leads in training art and crafts to interested club members. With meaningful partnerships for sustainable development VSO/SANOP and its partners are committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals through their work.




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